Friday, August 2, 2013

Okoroire Hot Springs Hotel - Okoroire

We had seen the signs to this hotel earlier so detoured past on our way home from Raglan. What a wonderful setting! So quiet, so peaceful, just the occasional thwack from a club hitting a ball on the golf course across the road (and the odd passing car).
The food was good, just typical "pub meals". The chicken burger was a little disappointing in that it was a reconstituted pattie rather a piece of chicken.
The helping of potato wedges was very generous, we could happily have shared the bowl.
A walk to the bottom of the property took us to the natural hot pools that were the reason the hotel was built here in the 1880s. The train took travellers as far as Tirau (then called Oxford) and the coach route then conveyed them past the hotel on their way to Rotorua. Many stopped here to 'take the waters'. The pools empty straight into the Waihou River that has a spectacular waterfall/rapids/gorge that you can see from another path back to the hotel.
Visit date: 30 July 2013

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